Draft Minutes 4th August 2021

Meeting held 4th August 2021, 7:30 pm at St Vedast Church, Tathwell

Public Forum. There were three members of the public present and made comments on: 
1. dog fouling which is referred to in minute 21/8-6a below
2. the bench on the crossroads, reference 21/8-6c below.
3. Coffee mornings. Heather Dearden is organising a coffee morning for residents on Tuesday 17th August at St Vedast Church from 10:30 to 11:30 am. A £1.50 donation to cover refreshments will be welcomed.  Another coffee morning is scheduled for 21st September in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support and donations of cakes and biscuits are highly appreciated.  Heather hopes that these will become regular events during the summer.  The events will be promoted on the Tathwell Village Group in Facebook and a newsletter will be sent to those who have no internet access.
4. Speeding on Chaplin’s Yard and Thackers Lane, reference 21/8-6b below
5. Portaloo – to consider long term hire for use at village events and visitors.  Possible site is land close to the church, landowner unknown.
There were no reports from ELDC, LCC and the Neighbourhood Police Team.  
21/8-1 Record of Members Present and Apologies. 
Present: Cllr Mrs Elizabeth Hairsine (Chairman), Cllr Jo Walsh and Cllr Rowena Larkin 
Also in attendance: Mrs H Dearden, Mr R Hairsine, Mr S Samuel and Mrs N Must (Clerk)
Apologies accepted: Cllr Mr Lou Fear (Vice-Chairman), Cllr Mr John Stainton and Cllr Mrs Cheryl Shaw
21/8-2 To receive any Declarations of Interest on any item on the agenda.

None declared. 

21/8-3 Minutes from 5th May 2021. 

It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting was an accurate record. The Chairman signed the minutes. 

21/8-4 Council Matters
a) Chairman’s Remarks.  No further reports than those already itemised in these minutes.
b) Actions from previous meetings.  All completed.
c) Communications.  Forwarded to all councillors.  
i. The Treescapes Fund and potential free trees was discussed and welcomed.  Cllr R Larkin volunteered to do a survey of potential areas and suitable trees.  Deadline for submission is 3rd September.
ii. LALC AGM on 6th October 2021 – The Chairman will check her availability.
21/8-5 Finance and Budgets
a) Payments approved for August 2021
i. Parish Clerk salary and expenses - £427.14
b) Budget Monitoring and Latest Receipts and Payments – noted
21/8-6 Community Amenities/Issues
a) Dog fouling – This issue has got worse especially along the footpath adjacent to Hall Farm.  ELDC Dog Warden will be requested to visit footpaths and put more stickers. The Clerk also provided some dog fouling posters for circulation.
b) Vehicle speeding at Thackers Lane and Chaplin’s Yard.  With new businesses operating in the area, traffic has significantly increased and speeding vehicles on very narrow s-bends have become a concern.  The LCC Ward Member, Highways and the police to be informed for speed limit review.
c) Benches.  Recycled plastic materials for benches are still out of stock and Lynx Outdoor Supplies cannot guarantee when they will be available.  It was decided to consider hardwood timber that has been treated with protected sealant for longer-lasting maintenance.  The Council agreed to purchase a replacement bench at the crossroads and a picnic table for Wightman’s Corner.
d) Highways issues.  A resident reported that the road sign on the A16 leading to Haugham had been damaged and the parapet on the Haugham-Skirbeck lane require replacement.  Both have been reported to Fixmystreet and awaiting action.  The wooden fence along Poverty Lane opposite Thackers Lane junction also needs attention.  Clerk to report to LCC.
21/8-7 Planning Matters – updates and to consider any applications, if any
a) N/081/01526/21 and N/081/01551/21 3 The Terrace, Tathwell Road, Haugham, Louth, LN11 8PX.  The Council did not have any comments to make.
b) N/138/01329/21 Tathwell 26m Mast, Poverty Lane, Raithby Cum Maltby.  Cllr JS will be asked for his comments which will be used to feed back to ELDC.
c) To note approval of N/174/00903/21 Home Farm, London Road, Tathwell 
d) To note approval of N/081/00686/21 Telecommunications Mast, Haugham Slates, London Road, Haugham
21/8-8 Date of Next Meeting – Wednesday, 3rd November 2021, 7:30pm
The meeting closed at 8:30 pm.