Draft Minutes - 3rd November 2021

Draaft Minutes of the meeting held 3rd November 2021, 7:30 pm at St Vedast Church, Tathwell
Public Forum. There were two members of the public present.
There were no reports from ELDC, LCC and the Neighbourhood Police Team.  
21/11-1 Record of Members Present and Apologies
Present: Cllr Mrs Elizabeth Hairsine (Chairman), Cllr John Stainton, Cllr Jo Walsh and Cllr Mrs Cheryl Shaw
Also in attendance: Mr R Hairsine, Mr R Howard and Mrs N Must (Clerk)
Apologies accepted: Cllr Mr Lou Fear (Vice-Chairman) and Cllr Rowena Larkin
21/11-2 To receive any Declarations of Interest on any item on the agenda. None declared. 
21/11-3 Minutes from 4th August 2021.  It was RESOLVED that the notes of the meeting were accurate and the Chairman signed the minutes. 
21/11-4 Council Matters
a) Chairman’s Remarks.  No further reports than those already itemised in these minutes.
b) Actions from Previous Meeting – completed and noted.
c) Haugham noticeboard – It was agreed that the noticeboard needed some maintenance and adjustment to the door.  It was resolved to get Interskills to have a look and quote for the works. 
The Chairman reported that there was an unauthorised poster stuck on the glass door of the Tathwell noticeboard. It left a terrible mark on the glass.  The Chairman will contact the relevant group that put it up.
d) Communications – the list was noted and it was resolved that:
i. Lincolnshire Riparian Project Questionnaire – the Clerk to enquire from LCC more information on where the watercourses are, the relevant agencies responsible for the maintenance and who the riparian landowners were.  This will inform the parish council on being able to complete the questionnaire.
ii. NHS Lincolnshire Engagement Bulletin – it was resolved that councillors should be encouraged to complete the questionnaire on a personal basis depending on their circumstances.
iii. Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons – The Council resolved in principle to celebrate the occasion. It was agreed to discuss again in February in order to give Councillors more time to consider suitable festivities. A suggestion of planting a suitable tree at the junction on Thackers Lane will also be considered in response to the Queen's Green Canopy (QGC) unique tree planting initiative created to mark Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee in 2022.  It was noted that one resident had festive ideas for this occasion which will be pursued further.
21/11-5 Finance and Budgets
a) Payments approved for November 2021
     i. Parish Clerk salary and expenses - £526.27
b) Budget Monitoring and Latest Receipts and Payments – noted
c) Budget for Financial Year 2022-2023 – The Council noted the financial review and considered the proposed budget for the next financial year. The Council resolved to accept the RFO recommendation and agreed a precept of £2,430, which is the same amount as last year. This will be submitted to ELDC when the precept form is received.  
The specific reserve for a replacement laptop will be reviewed.  The current hardware is no longer fit for purpose but it was resolved to get a professional IT expert to examine the laptop and review for cost effective solutions.
21/11-6 Community Amenities/Issues
a) Dog fouling – The ELDC Dog Warden had visited the parish on three occasions and put up more notices up about picking up after their pets. No issues were found but recommended that residents should report directly to ELDC if they witness anyone not picking up after their dog or leaving dog bags on the footpath. This way the information can be passed to the enforcement team so that a fixed penalty ticket is issued to the offender.  The Clerk will upload on the website and the fb community page the link to ELDC reporting page.
b) Highways issues. The speeding and increased traffic at Chaplin’s Yard is a growing concern and the response from the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership has not been helpful.  It was agreed to buy slow down signs and put along the road bends. Cllr Walsh volunteered to procure the signs and reimbursed at next meeting.
The holly bush on Poverty Lane needs cutting as it obscures road visibility. It was noted that it is on the highway and not on private land.  Cllr Walsh will find out if she is able to source a farm cutting machine to prune the shrub into shape.
c) LCC – the Council considered the offer of an extra tonne of salt but resolved not to take up the offer. The parish council is satisfied with the service in replenishing the grit bins already in place.
d) Bench and picnic table – The Clerk reported that the chosen supplier has no supply of hardwood for the foreseeable time.  The previous quotes were reconsidered and it was resolved to purchase the Peak bench and the Springbank picnic table from TDP, both in brown colour.  A joiner has been secured to install when the furniture arrives.
e) Portable loos – the Council considered the three quotations and resolved to accept the hire terms from Lincs Loos in Louth. It was resolved to secure one for 1st April to end October which accords with St Vedast Church opening.  The loo to be situated at Wightman Corner. 
The Council also agreed for the Church Committee to place a ‘Church Open’ sign on the lower posts of the Tathwell noticeboard.
f) Remembrance Sunday– There will be no service at St Vedast and attendees will meet at the War Memorial at 10 am on Sunday, 14th November.  All residents are welcome to join.  The wreath had been procured by Mr R Howard who will be reimbursed the £17 cost.
21/11-7 Planning Matters.  The following were noted.
a) N/081/01526/21 and N/081/01551/21 3 The Terrace, Tathwell Road, Haugham - Approved
b) N/138/01329/21 Tathwell 26m Mast, Poverty Lane, Raithby Cum Maltby - Approved
There were no new applications to consider.
21/11-8 Date of Next Meeting – Wednesday2nd February 2022
The meeting closed at 9pm.