2021 Annual Parish Meeting Draft Minutes


The Annual Parish Meeting was held remotely via Zoom on the 5th May 2021 at 7pm.  There were 6 parishioners present.
1.  Welcome. Cllr Mrs Elizabeth Hairsine chaired the meeting.  Also in attendance were Parish Councillors Lou Fear, Cheryl Shaw, Rowena Larkin, Jo Walsh and John Stainton.  Also present was Nadine Must, the Parish Clerk.
2.  To receive the previous minutes held 15th May 2019.  The Chairman reported that there was no annual parish meeting held in 2019 due to the pandemic.  The minutes of the parish meeting held in 2018 were approved as a true record and will be signed by the Chairman at the next opportunity.
3.  Annual Report of the Chairman of Tathwell and Haugham Parish Council.  Cllr Mrs. Elizabeth Hairsine reported the following.  
3.1 Parish Council meetings.  All five meetings were held remotely via Zoom. Two new councillors were co-opted in an extra-ordinary meeting held in December 2020.
3.2 Litter pick.  More than 45 bags of litter were filled by volunteers in the event held last March.  A number of residents picked up litter at their own convenience and either disposed of the litter collected in their own domestic bins or informed the Chairman for collection by ELDC.  The Chairman extended her thanks to everyone who supported the clean-up campaign. 
3.3 Noticeboard.  This has now been repaired and revarnished.
3.4 Defibrillator. The pads have been replaced.  A weekly check for maintenance will be required to ensure that the equipment is in working order.  Further training sessions on how to use the defibrillator will be organised when the pandemic restrictions are eased.
3.5 Electricity works.  There have been some disruptions during the last fortnight due to the electrical works being carried out on New Lane.  It is hoped that this will be completed soon. 
4.  Annual Report of St Vedast Church Committee – The Churchwarden stated that there has not been much change since his report dated January 2021.  The Church continues to be closed due to the pandemic.  The 2020 Arts Festival was cancelled and there is no confirmation with regard to the 2021 event. Church Services will likely resume in summer 2021.  Works are continuing on the steps to the bell tower, the re-location of the font and the repair to the Chaplin monument.  The churchyards in Tathwell and Haugham have been regularly maintained.  More financial help and willing volunteers are always welcome.
5. Annual Report from the Wightman Trust.  The fences are still in good order.  There are no issues with the trees although there are some self-seeded saplings that need thinning out at the eastern end, and possibly ringing of ivy on the larger ones. Cllr C Shaw has volunteered to go with the Chairman to take a look at the work involved and organise a working party.  The Clerk will be responsible in submitting the annual return for the Trust to the Charity Commission.
6.  Open Forum.  There were no issues from Parishioners on village matters.
The meeting closed at 7:20pm.